Announcing the Patent Pending verifiable incremented HVAC condensate J-Trap(sm) !

The new 'Cut-A-Trap'(sm)

No more drain pan overflows and water damage losses from improper condensate trap design in the field by following simple cutting instructions!

Protect your liabilities and reputation with the new patent pending incremented J-Trap(sm) for HVAC condensate management.

With the advent of variable speed and fixed torque (a.k.a. fixed speed, X-13, etc) blowers, and higher system static pressures a greater frequency of HVAC condensate overflow conditions, and consequently damages and losses due to improper trap design and application are occurring in the field.

The Patent Pending incremented Cut-A-Trap(sm) J-Trap(sm) replaces the P and R traps, because the J-Trap is fully convertible to both!

The Patent Pending J-Trap(sm) is the only PVC condensate trap you need to carry!

The convertible, verifiable Patent Pending J-Trap(sm) pays for itself in labor savings alone.

The peace of mind is free!(sm)

The mechanic is assured of proper condensate trap design for the specific equipment requirements, without any calculations or measuring. Select your equipment maximum static pressure, and cut the trap on the corresponding marks to fit your trap into the system.

The verifiable cutting increments show the trap installer where to cut the trap to achieve the correct trap dimensions at a glance based on the unit blower performance!

A snip or two... and your trap is made and ready to fit into your condensate drain line.

'The correct design, first time, every time.'(sm)

The Patent Pending Cut-A-Trap is available by request at this time.

For All Inquiries, Please Contact:

Bill Kitsch ~